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Xn, yn) Change the coordinates for one or more line items. ) Change the options for one or more line items. Options The line item supports the following options, via the create_line method, and the itemconfig and itemcget configuration methods. Table 16-1. Canvas Line Options Option Type Description width distance The width of the line. Default is 1 pixel. fill color The color to use for the line. Default is “black”. stipple bitmap The name of a bitmap which is used as a stipple brush when drawing the line.

Do not redistribute! 1999-12-01 22:15 Chapter 16. The Canvas Line Item Option Type Chapter 16. The Canvas Line Item Description earlier. For compatibility, use the strings “butt”, “projecting”, and “round” instead. Methods joinstyle const For wide lines, this option controls how to draw the joins between edges. Use one of BEVEL, MITER, or ROUND. Default is ROUND. 2 and earlier. For compatibility, use the strings “bevel”, “miter”, and “round” instead. smooth flag If non-zero, the given coordinates are interpreted as bspline vertices.

Works like padx and pady, but the padding is added inside the widget borders. Default is 0. padx, pady distance Optional padding to place around the widget in a cell. Default is 0. row integer Insert the widget at this row. Row numbers start with 0. If omitted, defaults to the first empty row in the grid. rowspan integer If given, indicates that the widget cell should span more than one row. sticky constant Defines how to expand the widget if the resulting cell is larger than the widget itself.

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