Al-Kitaab half One is the second one publication within the Al-Kitaab Arabic Language software and is now on hand in an commonly revised and reorganized 3rd variation. This booklet with its better half web site develops talents in formal and colloquial Arabic, together with studying, listening, conversing, writing, and cultural wisdom, integrating fabrics in colloquial and formal/written Arabic. It offers a complete software for college kids within the early phases of studying Arabic.



• Four-color layout in the course of the e-book with over a hundred illustrations and pictures

• Color-coded phrases and words all through to simply stick to the diversity or types of Arabic you need to activate—Egyptian, Levantine, and/or formal Arabic

• Introduces over four hundred vocabulary phrases in all 3 types of Arabic aspect by means of side

• provides the tale of Maha and Khalid in Egyptian, and now Nasreen and Tariq in Levantine, as well as Maha and Khalid in formal Arabic

• increased grammar causes and activation drills, together with discussions approximately colloquial and formal similarities and adjustments

• New video dialogues from daily life in either Egyptian and Levantine to augment vocabulary in culturally-rich contexts

• Develops analyzing comprehension abilities with new genuine texts

• Reinforces studying via wide school room actions and homework workouts that supply consistent review

• contains Arabic-English and English-Arabic glossaries, reference charts, and a grammar index

• lowered from 20 chapters to thirteen chapters, the direction now extra heavily corresponds to 2 semesters of faculty examine with a standard of 4-5 touch hours consistent with week

• Textbook encompasses a handy DVD with the fundamental audio and video fabrics (no interactive routines) for offline learn that might play in iTunes and appropriate MP3 players

• New significant other site (sold separately)——features absolutely built-in interactive, self-correcting workouts, the entire audio and video fabrics, and extra on-line direction administration and grading thoughts for teachers


Al-Kitaab half One, 3rd Edition presents a hundred twenty five touch (classroom) hours with nearly 250 homework hours. scholars who whole Part One may still succeed in an intermediate-mid point of proficiency.

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