By Amir Mortazwi, Tatsuo Itoh, James Harvey

ISBN-10: 0780334868

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"Whether communications, radar, transportation, or safeguard drives your curiosity in solid-state units at microwave and millimeter-wave frequencies, this prepared reference booklet provide you with an invaluable evaluation of quasi-optical strength combining and lively built-in antennas. delivered to you in a single handy quantity are key reprinted papers from prime specialists in microwave know-how. Their helpful views diversity from the most up-tp-date advances to historic advancements. incorporated as a distinct function is an invited paper, never-before-published, which offers an summary of quasi-optical energy combining through famous authority J.W. Mink and associates. you will find different worthy highlighted issues such as:* Transmitting and receiving energetic antennas* Spatial energy combining oscillators* Spatial combining amplifiers* Beam keep watch over* lively built-in antennas and quasi-optical platforms* research and CAD* rising technologies-two dimensional quasi-optics"Sponsored by:IEEE Microwave idea and methods Society.

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The mixer-detector is placed on a flat side of a hemispheri- cal dielectric lens so that excitation of surface waves has been alleviated (Fig. 6). 5 dB including about 6 dB of coupling loss to the mixer [10]. J Substrate Objective Lens Object Plane Fig. 6 - «Reverse microscope» optical system ( © 1981 IEEE Reprinted with permission from Fig. P . B. S. Muha, H . -X. , Paper Th-4-1). , have developed a quasi-optical balanced mixer by taking advantage of orthogonally polarized RF and LO signals [12).

The grid array is a special type of active integrated antenna array of which the antenna elements are very short and the spacing of array elements is much smaller than a wavelength. Although each unit cell in the grid array can be modeled as an active antenna consisting of an active device and a short antenna, the mutual coupling of antenna elements is so strong that the grid array has to be analyzed by using the TEM waveguide mode [18]. This is the major difference between these two approaches.

36, pp. 902-907, May 1988. [30] C. F. , "Millimeter-wave diode-grid frequency doubler," IEEE Trans. , vol. 36, pp. 1507-1514, Nov. 1988. [31] Z. B. Popovic, M. Kim, and D. B. Rutledge, "Grid oscillators," Int. J. Infrared and Millimeter Waves, vol. 9, no. 7, pp. 647-654, 1988. [32] Z. B. Popovic, R. M. Weikle, II, M. Kim, K. A. Potter, and D. B. Rutledge, "Bar-grid oscillators," IEEE Trans. , vol. 38, pp. 225-230, Mar. 1990. [33] M. Nakayama. M. Hieda, T. Tanaka, and K. Mizuno, "Millimeter and submillimeter wave quasi-optical oscillator with multi-elements," in 1990 IEEE MIT-S Int.

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Active Antennas and Quasi-Optical Arrays by Amir Mortazwi, Tatsuo Itoh, James Harvey

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