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A Review of Epoxy Materials and Reinforcements,” EIPC Summer Conference, Copenhagen, Denmark, June 2001. Republished in PC FAB, April (pp. 32–38) and May 2002 (pp. 32–36). ” Printed Circuit Design, September 2000, p. 10. [7] Seraphm, D. , “Printed-Circuit Board Packaging,” in Microelectronics Packaging Handbook, R. Tummala and E. ), New York: Van Nostrand Reinhold, 1989, pp. 853–921. [8] “G200 BT/Epoxy Laminate and Prepreg,“ Data Sheet No. 5027/2/99, Allied Signal Laminate Systems, 1999. [9] “Megtron(r) PPO/Epoxy Resin System,“ Data Sheet No.

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2 π  Rgnd = 055 . 11), and t is the trace thickness. 15) This calculation provides a way to easily estimate the resistance of the trace only and becomes increasingly accurate as frequency exceeds fskin. The resistance contribution of the return path must be included to determine the overall loop resistance (and so, to properly estimate the total losses). 16 times greater than the resistance at 100 MHZ. 17) have increasing error with respect to field-solving software for larger w/h. 17) underreports the loop resistance of narrow microstrip by between less than 5% (w/h = 1) and 10% (w/h = 5).

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A simplified guide to using the MCS51 on-chip UART

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