By Michael Sullivan

This booklet preserves the continual narrative framework of the authors prior creation to chinese language artwork. just a generally ancient technique, he feels, one that combines vertical continuity down the a while with horizontal wholeness throughout every one interval, allows the reader, maybe coming near near chinese language paintings for the 1st time, to get a glimpse of the entire trend. yet whereas the form of the e-book is still unchanged the textual content has been broadly revised and re-written to maintain it so far as attainable abreast of contemporary discoveries and study, and plenty of of the illustrations are new. structure, sculpture, portray and calligraphy, bronzes, ceramics and the ornamental arts are all mentioned and concerning each other and to the evolving trend of chinese language suggestion and social existence.

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The bronze weapons used by the Shang people aspects of this many-faceted culture. form of dagger-axe known show several Most purely Chinese was as the ko (Plate 5a), a with pointed blade and a tang which was p^sed through a hole in the shaft and lashed to it, The or, ko more rarely, shaped like a collar to fit round the shaft. probably originates in a Neolithic weapon and seems to have had a ritual significance, for some of the most beautiful Shang specimens have blades of inlaid jade, while the handle is often with a mosaic of turquoise.

In that year the Gunnar Andersson and discoveries of his been occupied by very early man. fossil Swedish was Chou- at hillside tools, indicating that it had He himself did not excavate, but his find led to further excavations Wen-chung of first where in a cave in the Andersson picked up a number of flint P*ei was Chinese assistants made immense importance. The k*ou-tien, northwest of Peking, Dr It 1 92 1 that positive evidence was found that China had and to the eventual discovery by bones which, with the exception of erectus^ were the oldest human The bones were those of a hominid, Sinanthropus pekinensis, who lived in the middle Pleistocene period, about half a million years ago.

Examples will show how effectively the various elements can be combined and integrated with the shape of the vessel itself. The at lid of the kuang in Plate 3b terminates in a end and an owl's the front of the vessel, the owl's serpent coils up onto the crown of the dorsal chia in down tiger's head at the other ; the tiger's legs can clearly flange. lid, wing Between them at the back. ending in a dragon's head The main decoration of the Kansas City (Plate 4) consists of one be seen on t^ao-tUeh a at the magnificent masks divided the centre by a low flange and standing out against a background of spirals, called lei-v^en by Chinese antiquarians from their supposed resemblance to the archaic form of the character * thunder'.

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