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Since the central situation is quite stable, it is called “the static center”. I may add 2 more pawns on e3 (white’s pawn) and on c6 (black’s pawn), and it is still a static center. Of course, there are other positions with the static center, but I hope that you caught the meaning already. 43 As you can see, the static center is something between the open center and the closed one. That’s why the similar rules work here. ” The rule “if you can play in the center – do it” of course is still working.

In the positions with the dynamic center, you should attack in the center and try to get one of the favorable central constructions. There are some specific rules for such positions:  You should be very careful with pawn moves on a side.  Since there is no direct contact between the opponents’ pieces, you may prepare the realization of your plan thoroughly. 58  It is good to keep the tension, because it makes it harder for your opponent practically. Please, accept my congratulations because we have finished with the different types of centers finally!

Let’s look at our example again. White: Ke1, Qd1, Ra1, Rh1, Ba4, Be3, Nd2, Nf3, pawns: a2, b2, c3, d5, e4, f2, g2, h2. Black: Ke8, Qe7, Ra8, Rh8, Bd7, Bg7, Nb8, Ng8, pawns: a6, b7, c7, d6, e5, f7, g6, h7. XABCDEFGHY 8rsn-+k+ntr( 7+pzplwqpvlp' 6p+-zp-+p+& 5+-+Pzp-+-% 4L+-+P+-+$ 3+-zP-vLN+-# 2PzP-sN-zPPzP" 1tR-+QmK-+R! xabcdefghy White’s turn. As we already know, white is going to attack on the queen-side where he has a space advantage due to the pawn d5. Thus, white will be able to bring more pieces there and to get an advantage in activity in this direction.

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