By Merlan, Francesca C.

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Syllable and word shape Syllable shapes CV and CVC(C) are the most common, the full form of the latter found, for example, in words such as those illustrated above with a triple cluster across morpheme boundary, where the syllable boundary occurs between CVCC and following C, gaygSbarla. ). , yi$gle 'putrid flesh'), and lo$wa$glo$wa 'play' (often with some reduction of the glides). A phonological word in Wardaman may consist of one syllable, closed or open (CVC or CV), though so far no nominal stems of the latter shape have been found.

In this sense, this environment is analogous to that in which the consonant is preceded by a prefix ending in a vowel within the verbal word. , nga-narri Ί saw him/her/it'. Out of silence, however, that is 26 Chapters after pause, the initial apical consonant in the verb of our examples, "to see", makes the auditory impression of being plain alveolar: # [narri]. Secondly, word-internally within a verb form, any initial retroflex consonant of a verb root is realized as plain alveolar when preceded by a nasal as the last segment of a prefix.

Bigurda, a kind of plat potato; gadi 'lily' vs. gardirrg 'gnash teeth' (particle), and so on. The above generalization does not apply to the rhotics, since /IT/ has not been found initially in lexical stems, and only two instances of /r/ have been noted to date: the bird term rewrew 'dollar bird', and a toponym (referring to a creek near Willeroo Station homestead in the Wardaman heartland, and seemingly not a foreign form), Relwuyugun. Besides the fact that the bird term is onomatopoetic, it should also be noted that very similar terms for this bird occur in neighbouring languages.

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