By David John Weber

ISBN-10: 0520097327

ISBN-13: 9780520097322

It is a accomplished, nonformal description of a Quechua language of valuable Peru, incorporating either structural and practical insights. subject matters comprise: the demographic state of affairs, an creation to the syntax, be aware and suffix sessions, morphology, case family, passives, sizeable words, relative clauses, enhances, adverbial clauses, reduplication, query formation, negation, conjunction, evidential suffixes, the subject marker, idioms and formulaic expressions, phonology, and mortgage strategies.

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As always, the 1st Person Singular Indicative is given; to conjugate the verb into the other Persons of the Present Tense, go to the second Principal Part (the Infinitive), drop the -re, and add the Personal Endings. 2nd Conjugation videø, vid∑re, v•d•, v•sum Sing. Pl. videø I see, do see, am seeing vid∑s you see, do see, are seeing videt he/she/it sees, does see, is seeing vid∑mus we see, do see, are seeing vid∑tis you see, do see, are seeing vident they see, do see, are seeing Imperatives The Imperatives of 2nd Conjugation Verbs are formed in the same way as the Imperatives of 1st Conjugation Verbs.

Using a paradigm format, decline: 1. magnus vir 2. bona amica 3. magnum periculum D. Render the following into the Latin declined forms indicated. 1. bad sailor (nom. ) 2. many evils (acc. ) 3. my good son (voc. ) 4. foolish poets (acc. ) 5. for your farmer (dat. ) 6. of pretty girls E. Translate the following into Latin verb forms. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. I am they are we praise he is there is 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. ) are there are she gives F. Conjugate the following verbs in the Present Indicative. Give the English translations of each conjugated form.

2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Quis patriam nunc ducit? Remedium irae est mora. (Seneca) Quid facimus? Discimus multa. Magistri, dum docent, discunt. Verba poetae saepe non sunt beata. Nautae multas fabulas dicunt. Otium sine curis est beatum. Vita multa pericula habet. Portae oppidi sunt parvae. Vir paucorum verborum et multorum factorum est. , fable/tale/story sine + abl. , care/anxiety d∑ + abl. , so/too/even/also -que and quid what? quis who? , life v•tø (1) to avoid/shun vocø (1) to call 32 Imperatives, All Conjugations Imperfect and Future Indicative Tenses of sum, esse, fui, futurus V Objectives To enable you to: 1.

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