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Fathers of the church adopted these Egyptian symbols, preserved by the priests, when they named Jesus the fiovoyefh, and the good beetle. St. Ambrosius El bonus seems to translate Horapollo when he says scarabaus, qui lut am corporis nostri ante informe ac pigrum in The : uirtutiim versabat vestigiis erigit also pauperem : Amb. (St. , No. il3. Leemans, Adnot. , p. 162). SIGNET. The signet is the determinative of the ^«erbs to close, (Champ. , p. 372). In Hebrew =rr; hethm, a signet, a seal ring, and the same word signifies to close, to shut, to seal, and likewise to shut, to seal to accomplish, The to finish Egyptian ajTU-, (Gesenius).

The Hebrew confirms the various significations given to the vulture. The word cni rhem, the vulture, is thus called says Geseniua, on account of its kindness to its young;* in fact, the same word nm rhem, is the verb to love, having relation particularly to the love of parents for their offspring this name also designates maternity and the feminine gender, it signifies the uterus, woman, and young girl. Would it not appear that the Egyptian was commenting on the Hebrew when he says that the vulHe adds that this bird repture symbolized materiilty?

Champ, ibid. p. 40. EGYPTIAN SYMBOLS. 37 frog represents a man commencing to turn it symbolizes the neophyte not yet spiritually formed, but who is about to be, or may become This symbol marks the undecided state of the so. mystes who may acquire a new life, or be replunged in darkness ; this is the meaning of Horapollo when he says in another chapter (II. 101), that the frog represents an impudent man, with a brazen look ; this animal also represents the profane combating wisdom. finci this second signification again in the Hebrew word, since "isa tspr also signifies to tear with nails (claws), and 5"» DO, wisdom; thus the frog is also the symbol of the shameless profane, who endeavors to destroy wisdom by in this sense the Apocalypse speaks of false reasoning to Thus the wisdom ; We ; frogs (xvi.

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