By W.K. Gross

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ISBN-13: 9780889683280

Довольно любопытный каталог монет одной из стран Британского Содружества.

Можно сравнить с каталогом Краузе

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And it is precisely this sin of pride which grounds the need for an unquestionable political authority in the person of the monarch. Consequently, attempts to circumscribe the authority of the monarch are also ruled out on the grounds of man’s natural rebelliousness. Any attempt to assert equal civil or political rights would dissolve the possibility of an unquestionable and absolute authority without which barbarism, disorder and chaos would engulf the world. Maistre’s account of man’s natural condition as subject of a divinely instituted political and social order, is coloured by his deep pessimism about human nature and his extreme views about man’s almost irredeemable sinfulness, views that were to get him into trouble with the Catholic Church.

Harsanyi uses the idea of a rational bargain as justification of a utilitarian principle. The bargain does not provide reasons independent of utility for obeying the law, or acknowledging political authority, but the rational agreement does ground the principles on which these obligations are indirectly based. Harsanyi’s conception of the social contract places him in the moral contract tradition yet he is also one of the most significant modern defenders of utilitarianism, a tradition that at least with Hume, Bentham and Mill was inimical to contractarianism.

Unlike Hume, however, Hegel also rejects utility as the basis of obligation. 80 The idea of an original contract, or a continuing contract between the people and the monarch, is anathema to Hegel’s whole conception of philosophy because it assumes the separateness and autonomy of individuals rather than their unity. It conceives the state as a voluntary association with obligations freely chosen, and gives priority to private over public right, ignoring the fact that the former is dependent upon the latter, and not the other way around as contract theory claims.

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